More than 20 State & Federal Elected Officials Endorse Michael Blake for Congress (NY-15)


New York, NY – Michael Blake, Member of the New York State Assembly and NY-15 congressional candidate, has revealed a major round of endorsements from more than 20 state and federal officials.


I am incredibly grateful that so many of my colleagues in government have entrusted me with their endorsement for our campaign for Congress. As a Member of Congress, you have to represent your district but also be a voice for all New Yorkers and Americans. I am especially grateful that my dear Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. brother and mentor U.S. Congressman Steven Horsford has agreed to be a campaign co-chair to help mobilize more members and leaders to support our congressional campaign, and especially our shared commitment for communities of color to be fully represented in the upcoming census. This group of leaders shows that our #BelieveInTheBx coalition continues to grow and build momentum towards victory on June 23rd.


The new endorsers include:

U.S. Congressman Steven Horsford

“I’m proud to endorse Michael Blake for NY’s 15th Congressional District and serve as a Campaign Co-Chair. As a state Assemblyman and Vice-Chair of the DNC, Michael has been an outspoken advocate for affordable healthcare, minority-owned businesses, and investments in public housing. Michael is a bold leader who is ready to work on our nation’s toughest issues and we need him in Congress.”


NY State Senator Brian Benjamin

“As someone dedicated to criminal justice reform, economic opportunities for minority- and women-owned business enterprises, and affordable housing, I am proud to endorse my friend Michael Blake for New York’s 15th Congressional District. I stand with my brother from The Bronx who is a dedicated voice of conscience among our colleagues of not backing down from doing the right thing for our communities, which is exactly what we need in Congress.”


NY State Senator LeRoy Comrie

“Through his experience in the Obama Administration, his tenure in the State Assembly, and his leadership at the DNC, Michael Blake has proven himself to be a fierce advocate for working families, senior citizens, students, and immigrant communities. I am proud to endorse Michael for Congress because I know he has what it takes to hold the White House accountable while delivering results for the people of the South Bronx.”


NY State Senator Tim Kennedy

“Michael Blake has always been a voice of the people, and someone whose passion for public service is reflected in the issues he fights for every day. Whether it be in his role as a state legislator, his contributions as a Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, or as a friend and neighbor to the people of the Bronx, Michael is a tireless champion of empowering our youth and building a stronger foundation for all New Yorkers. I’m proud to endorse him as he sets his sights on Washington, and I look forward to watching him bring his vision to the next level.”


NY State Senator Kevin Parker

“Born and raised in the Bronx, Michael Blake has always stood behind its communities, continuously advocating for equity, jobs and healthcare. He is a proven leader in the state legislature with a vision for social justice, not just for the Bronx but for all New Yorkers. And this is why I State Senator Kevin Parker do hereby endorse Michael Blake as the candidate for the 15th Congressional District in the Bronx.”


NY State Senator Shelley Mayer

“I’m proud to support my friend and colleague Michael Blake for Congress. He has been a fierce fighter for his district and for justice and equality for all. Michael and I have worked together on behalf of the children of our communities to ensure they get all the opportunities they deserve. I look forward to seeing him in the Congress continuing the fight.”


NY State Senator Roxanne Persaud

“I support Michael Blake because he is committed to fighting for the people of his district. Whether it is housing, education or transportation, whatever the issue, there is nothing too large or small; he is vocal in advancing the issues facing his constituents.”


NY State Assembly Member Vivian Cook

“Michael Blake is dedicated to the people in the state and the country and will make an excellent Member of Congress.”


NY State Assembly Member Walter Mosley

“Throughout our time together in the Assembly, Michael Blake has been a staunch advocate for hard working Bronxites and all New Yorkers. I’m proud of the work we have done together furthering criminal justice reform, affordable housing, and better access to jobs. I know that he will continue that hard work in Congress and I look forward to working with him as the next Congressman from the 15th District.”


NY State Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez

“I proudly endorse Michael Blake for Congress. He has shown exceptional leadership on issues important to NYCHA and affordable housing, criminal justice reform, supporting MWBE businesses and education reform, to ensure a better life and opportunities for residents of the Bronx. He has been a tremendous partner in the legislature, and I know he will continue this leadership in Congress.”


NY State Assembly Member Dan Quart

“Michael Blake has been a leader in Albany in fighting to reform our criminal justice system. From reforming our bail laws to his efforts to have young people moved from criminal court to family court, Assemblymember Blake has been an unwavering champion for his community. He will make an excellent Congressmember.”


NY State Assembly Member Pamela Hunter

“I proudly endorse Michael Blake’s candidacy for New York’s 15th Congressional District. Michael has been a strong advocate for veterans, sponsoring legislation that protects benefits and provides necessary services for those that served. As an integral function of Congress, supporting our armed service members, Michael is uniquely prepared due to his solid legislative experience as an Assemblymember, making him boots on the ground ready day one.”


NY State Assembly Member Jeff Aubry

“I fully support Michael for Congress because of the character of the man I have come to know and care about throughout the years.”


NY State Assembly Member Harvey Epstein

“As a housing advocate for decades, I am proud to stand with AM Blake who has continuously fought for affordable housing and public housing. I know he will do the same in Congress.”


NY State Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman

“Leadership comes in a variety of ways, but leadership and service is at the core of who Assemblyman Blake is. The people in the Bronx have the opportunity to elect a public servant who has worked tirelessly in raising the quality of life for his constituents in the Assembly. Just imagine how well he will represent them in Congress.”


NY State Assembly Member Nily Rozic

“Having worked on state-federal issues together in the Assembly, I know Michael will fight for and push back when the federal policies and budgets detrimentally impact New York — he’s done that as an Assemblymember and will do that as a member of Congress. Michael represents the voice and fresh perspective that our party and our city needs right now, and I’m proud to support him.”


NY State Assembly Member Didi Barrett

“With the passion, focus and know-how to get things done for his district and the state of New York, my colleague Michael Blake is the right choice for Congress and I’m proud to support him.”


NY State Assembly Member Carrie Woerner

“Michael Blake is a passionate voice for the needs of his community. I am confident that the South Bronx would be well represented in Congress by Michael Blake.”


NY State Assembly Member Kimberly Jean-Pierre

“Assembly Member Michael Blake and I were elected in 2014 to the NYS Legislature and has been the strong voice for his district. Without a doubt, he will be a strong voice in Washington for his community and the representative this country needs!”


NY State Assembly Member Karen McMahon

“I am proud to endorse my Assembly colleague and friend Michael Blake for Congress. Michael has proven himself to be a tireless advocate, not just for his District but for all New Yorkers. While we will miss him in Albany, his progressive values and leadership skills will make him an exceptional representative in Washington.”


NY State Assembly Member Clyde Vanel

“I have had the pleasure to serve with Michael in the Assembly for the past few years. Mike is a passionate advocate for affordable housing, equal rights and the underserved. Also, Michael has been fighting for economic justice, entrepreneurship opportunities and access to the technology industry. At a time such as this, I truly believe that Michael is the best person to lead the 15th Congressional District.”


NY State Assembly Member Al Taylor

“As a faith leader who also formerly served with a remarkable public servant, I know firsthand that Michael Blake’s faith drives his commitment to helping people, which is why I proudly endorse him for Congress. Michael’s continual dedication to helping the poor and addressing poverty is exactly what we need in a Member of Congress representing the South Bronx.”


After earning the support of 1199SEIU, 32BJ SEIU, DC37 and Local 372, the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters, and DC9 Painters, these endorsements represent continued momentum for Blake’s campaign to be the next representative of New York’s 15th Congressional District.

Together, we #BelieveInTheBx.