Michael Blake is not only of this new generation, but he is someone who knows from lived experience what it’s like to struggle and succeed in The Bronx.

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Primarily brought up by a single mother who was once homeless, Michael sold chocolates and meals to help with the bills. Michael attended P.S. 79, JHS 118, DeWitt Clinton High School and graduated from the Medill School of Journalism from Northwestern University.

Michael has always been dedicated to giving back and serving his community, from volunteering at Calvary United Methodist church as a kid to serving as a White House aide to President Barack Obama, to now representing NY‘s 79th District in the State Assembly.

Uniting the South Bronx, Moving Forward Together

From organizing fellow students on Northwestern’s campus, to organizing Iowa voters for Barack Obama, to bringing entrepreneurs from across the nation together in the White House, to forging relationships with fellow legislators, to bettering the lives of New Yorkers in the State Assembly, Michael’s life’s work has been about unifying people behind a common cause. He knows that anything can be achieved when people come together as one. That is how political power is gained, that is how the forces of hate are defeated, and that is how Michael will bring transformational change to The Bronx.

As National Director for African-American and Minority Women Business Enterprises outreach at The White House, Michael was part of the team that passed the Affordable Care Act, an economic stimulus package that ended the Great Recession, and a student loan bill that lowered the cost of attending college. Michael also created the White House Urban Entrepreneurship series.

We wouldn't be here without Michael Blake.

— Barack Obama

In Albany, Michael played a key role in passing crucial reforms to the state’s criminal justice system, passing one of the most ambitious climate change bills in American history, bringing President Obama’s My Brothers’ Keeper program to New York to support young men of color, taking on powerful New York City real estate developers, securing $100 million in additional funding for NYCHA, and ensuring employees of Women and Minority-owned Business Enterprises are paid fairly and quickly.

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