Campaign Toolkit

Design Elements and Resources

While we highly encourage you to support Michael Blake’s Congressional campaign however you see fit, we do ask that you try your best to adhere to our brand standards as closely as possible to ensure visual consistency across all of our communications.

In order to do so, we have collected all of the key elements from our campaign for your usage. The assets below will help you create promotional materials that match, and reinforce, our campaign aesthetic and messaging.

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Individual Campaign Elements

First, please view our full Brand Guidelines


Michael Blake is not only of this new generation, but he is someone who knows from lived experience what it’s like to struggle and to succeed in The Bronx.

Primarily brought up by a single mother who was once homeless, Michael sold chocolates and meals to help with the bills. Michael attended P.S. 79, JHS 118, DeWitt Clinton High School and graduated from the Medill School of Journalism from Northwestern University.

Michael has always been dedicated to giving back and serving his community, from volunteering at Calvary United Methodist church as a kid to serving as a White House aide to President Barack Obama, to now representing New York‘s 79th District in the State Assembly.

This election represents an opportunity to elect someone who genuinely understands our hopes and needs, who will fight to empower us, who is not afraid to shake things up in Washington, and who has the federal leadership experience and vision to make real change. This election in The Bronx comes at a pivotal moment; it represents a once-in-a generation opportunity to make bold change that improves lives, creates new opportunities, and empowers people to realize their full potential.


Our type treatments are be bold and stylized, clearly relaying the stance of our campaign. We make use of two key typefaces: Fira Sans and Frontage Condensed.


Frontage Condensed

Our primary display typeface is Frontage Condensed. This layered font adds depth to our typographic treatment, allowing us to explore various combinations that emphasize messaging and enhance our designs.


Fira Sans

Our communication font is Fira Sans. Used for paragraphs and body copy, it is available as a Google font making it easy to implement in digital environs.

Color System

Michael Blake’s campaign design makes use of a primary color palette that is complemented by a secondary palette. These colors are directly inspired by the diverse culture of the 15th District’s international community.

Caribbean Gold

Primarily inspired by the golden X adorning the flag of Michael Blake’s native Jamaica, this color also incorporates the flags of several Caribbean nations whose people call The 15th home.

Bomber Blue

The campaign’s color system wouldn’t be complete without incorporating the borough’s, and Michael’s, beloved Bronx Bombers.

Dutch Orange & Bronx Blue

The Bronx is named after Jonas Bronck, who established the first settlement in the Dutch colony, which is why Dutch orange adorns the top-third of The BX flag.

Caribbean Red

With nearly 70% of the district identifying as Latino, this color celebrates the proud Boriquas and Dominicans of The BX, along with their Caribbean counterparts.


Our unified logo system is designed to work over white, yellow, and blue backgrounds. In addition to our primary wordmark, we have included several additional logo options to add depth to our campaign.

Primary wordmark for yellow backgrounds. Formats: PNG, JPEG, AI

Primary wordmark for blue backgrounds. Formats: PNG, JPEG, AI

Primary wordmark for blue backgrounds. Formats: PNG, JPEG, AI

In addition to our primary wordmark, we deploy a series of submarks that prove useful in various graphic layouts, thus enhancing the visuals of the campaign.

Secondary wordmarks for white backgrounds. Formats: PNG, JPEG, AI

Secondary wordmarks for blue backgrounds. Formats: PNG, JPEG, AI

Secondary wordmarks for yellow backgrounds. Formats: PNG, JPEG, AI

Graphic Elements

The visual pillars of our campaign are enhanced with graphic elements that ensure Michael Blake is seen as a game-changer.


Our campaign photography of Michael Blake is bright, uplifting, and deliberately minimal. We make use of three key photographs for the various needs of the campaign.

Social Media

Social media plays an integral role in our campaign. As a result, it is imperative that all of our channels share a consistent aesthetic and tone. Please use these pre-designed posts on your social channels.

These are sample messages that you can share on your social media channels. Please feel free to add your own messaging, social media handles, or images and logos to demonstrate your support.


We need to turn pain into promise. In a moment of crisis, we need leadership.

Leadership in The Bronx.
Leadership in Washington.
Leadership that’s ready to serve you in Congress on day one.

If you BELIEVE, join @MrMikeBlake #BelieveintheBX #NY15


As the son of Jamaican immigrants, @MrMikeBlake knows it’s important to remember we’re all in this together. Families come to America looking for a chance, not to be pursued, arrested and detained. #BelieveintheBX #NY15


People are dying. Our family, friends, and neighbors, lost forever. We don’t have time to play games, we need proven leaders like @MrMikeBlake. Consider contributing to his campaign to build a better Bronx. #BelieveintheBX #NY15


The Bronx is the most unhealthy county in New York. That’s nothing to boast about, it’s something to change. Health care is a right & it’s time that we actually act to make that principle a reality.  @MrMikeBlake has the tools & experience to make it happen. #NY15 #BELIEVEintheBX


A few things to not lose sight of:We Are The Bronx.

We Believe In The Bronx.
We will overcome these challenges and restore hope.
It matters who we send to Washington.

That’s why I support @MrMikeBlake. Text BLAKE to 66539 for more! #BelieveInTheBX #BuildABetterBX #NY15


Michael Blake believes that your block shouldn’t block your blessing, and your zip code shouldn’t deny your destiny. Michael Blake is running for Congress in #NY15 because he #BelieveintheBronx.


It matters who we send to Washington, and, I support @MrMikeBlake for #NY15 to implement a Jobs and Justice agenda, from neighborhood basic income to a Cradle to Career plan, to ensuring we get what we deserve. I #BelieveintheBX